Late Night with Barbara Hannigan | on 3Sat

11.03.2017 22h10 (70 minutes)

Barbara Hannigan Mahler Chamber Orchestra LUCERNE FESTIVAL im SOMMER 2014

To be sure, there are pianists who also conduct, and concert masters who lead their orchestra from the violin desk. But a star soprano who coordinates a large instrumental ensemble while at the same time negotiating the trickiest coloratura singing is something entirely new. That is, until Barbara Hannigan came along to reveal this remarkable […]


Maestras – the long journey of women to the podium | on 3Sat

11.03.2017 21h15 (55 minutes)

401_maestras_still1bearb Sylvia Caduff

Being a female conductor means being an exception. Even today. When a woman stands on the podium she is, in most cases, somehow “the first”: the first to lead a world-class orchestra, the first to conduct the “Last Night of the Proms” in London, the first to win the German Conductor Prize. For decades, this […]


Zhu Xiao-Mei: How Bach Defeated Mao | on NRK 2

11.03.2017 20h00 (58 minutes)

zhu xiao-mei _header_start2

Music, especially Bach’s music, gave this artist the strength to survive unimaginable challenges. Zhu Xiao-Mei belongs to the “Lost Generation” that endured the worst excesses of Mao’s regime: several years of “re-education”, five years in a work camp, her family destroyed, endless deprivation and political intrigue… “Zhu Xiao-Mei: How Bach defeated Mao” is a portrait of […]