CD “The Art of Fugue” with Chinese pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei receives Choc de l’Année 2014

We are proud to announce that our CD with J. S. Bach’s “The Art of Fugue”, played by world-renowned Chinese pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei, has received the “Choc de l’année 2014” on December 1st 2014 at an award ceremony in the Salle Pleyel in Paris.

The “Choc de l’année” is awarded annually by French music magazine “Classica” and is considered the most prestigious award for classical music recordings in France.

The Classica magazine about the CD: “While the discourse intensifies and the texture becomes opaque over time, the pianist preserves this inner light. In doing so, she establishes a wonderful proximity between the listener and the composer, therefore making it accessible and poetic, which is very rare.”

Choc de l'Année 2014

“In Between” receives special jury mention at Golden Prague 2013 & “Best Documentary” at MIFF 2014

The Accentus Music production “In Between: Isang Yun in North and South Korea”, a documentary by Maria Stodtmeier, has been awarded the 2013 “Special Mention for Extraordinary Artistic Achievement” at the Golden Prague Festival. The Jury praised the documentary stating: “‘In Between’ tells of the Korean avant-garde composer Isang Yun and his deepest wish to see the reunification of his country with only his music as a weapon. The story is told expertly by juxtaposing the two cultures and their respective claims to his music”.

The documentary has also won the award for “Best Documentary” at the 2014 Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF). The jury’s statement reads as follows: “This film of exceptional quality is the story of one man’s gift of music that creates a bridge across the seemingly insurmountable gap between North and South Korea. It also gives the viewer a rare entry into North Korea where the camera silently encounters both State control and human emotions that are universal.”

Golden Prague 2013MIFF 2014

“Diapason d’Or Arte” and “Diapason d’Or de l’Année 2013” for Bruckner 1 CD

More critical acclaim for the Accentus Music release of Bruckner’s 1st Symphony: in October the CD was granted the renowned “Diapason d‘Or Arte”, followed by the prestigious “Diapason d’Or de l’Année 2013”.

Rémy Louis, reviewing the CD for “Diapason” in October, wrote: “The most outstanding triumph of this new recording: an orchestra, whose youth and generosity com- bine perfectly with the overwhelming lyricism of this score… A new, essential step – indeed one of the most beautiful – in the journey and history of Abbado’s Bruckner interpretations.” Since its release, the Accentus Music production has received an ext- raordinarily positive response. “Deutschlandfunk” praised the excellent sound quality, “The Daily Telegraph” stated: “the performance has that familiar Abbado glow. It is phrased with grace; its rhythms are taut; its detail of instrumental timbre is phenomenally lucid. And, above all, there is that magisterial Abbado command of perspective, a natural progressi- on of thought from first note to last.”

Diapason D'Or de l'Année 2013Diapason D'Or arte