Zhu Xiao-Mei: How Bach Defeated Mao | on NRK 2

11.03.2017 20h00

Music, especially Bach’s music, gave this artist the strength to survive unimaginable challenges. Zhu Xiao-Mei belongs to the “Lost Generation” that endured the worst excesses of Mao’s regime: several years of “re-education”, five years in a work camp, her family destroyed, endless deprivation and political intrigue… “Zhu Xiao-Mei: How Bach defeated Mao” is a portrait of an artist whose life is inextricably tied to Mao’s disastrous Cultural Revolution. In 1980 Zhu Xia-Mei emigrated to the United States, then decided to settle in Paris in 1984. In this film for the first time after 35 years she returns as a celebrated concert pianist to her roots with a triumphal tour to modern China.

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Produced and directed by Paul Smaczny


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