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Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 6 – Daniel Barenboim, Staatskapelle Berlin

Daniel Barenboim, Conductor
Staatskapelle Berlin

Recorded live at the Philharmonie Berlin, 22 June 2010

Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 6 in A major
(original version)

Anton Bruckner’s 6th Symphony was written between 1879 and 1881: a very happy time in his life. Unlike most of Bruckner’s symphonies, the 6th was not revised. Of all his works, this one seems to come from a single source of inspiration. Bruckner himself called it his “boldest” symphony – probably due to its extreme degree of motivic, rhythmic and harmonic originality. This live recording of the seldom-performed 6th Symphony is the next instalment of the acclaimed Bruckner cycle by the Staatskapelle Berlin and Daniel Barenboim.


“The Symphony No. 6 is a worthwhile stop along the Bruckner symphonic cycle. It is flawlessly performed, and worth repeated listening.”   Audiophile Audition


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Disc Formats:,
Number of Discs:1 (DVD), 1 (Blu-ray)
Picture Formats DVD:16:9 NTSC
Picture Formats BD:16:9 NTSC, FULL HD
Sound Formats DVD:PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1
Sound Formats BD:PCM Stereo, DTS HD Master Audio
Running time:58:51
Catalogue Numbers:ACC202176 (DVD), ACC102176 (Blu-ray)
Release Dates:01/2014 (DVD, Worldwide), 01/2014 (Blu-ray, Worldwide)
EAN Code DVD:42 6023483 048 4
EAN Code BD:42 6023483 049 1