CD – J.S. Bach – Goldberg Variations – Zhu Xiao-Mei – The New Recording

Johann Sebastian Bach
Goldberg Variations

Zhu Xiao-Mei, piano

“In this work,” says Zhu Xiao-Mei, “Bach gave musical expression to life in all of its infinite facets.” The Chinese pianist’s name is inextricably linked to that of Johann Sebastian Bach. For Zhu Xiao-Mei the special quality of the Goldberg Variations lies in the fact that all human emotions and feelings find expression here. “I love them above all else, each day a little more, and I have always wanted to share this love with others…”
Since her first pioneering recording of the Goldberg Variations more than twenty years ago, Zhu Xiao-Mei has played the work several hundred times at recitals all over the world. Through the encounter with the audience she has evolved a new vision of the work, which she is now presenting to listeners in the form of this new CD recording.


“The new recording by Zhu Xiao-Mei, is a treasure that every Goldberg-Fan should own.”   The Whole Note



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Disc Formats:
Number of Discs:1 (CD)
Running time:76:24
Catalogue Numbers:ACC30372 (CD)
Release Dates:05/2016 (CD, Worldwide)
EAN Code CD:42 6023483 110 8