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Claudio Abbado – Orchestra Mozart, Salzburg Festival 2012

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Missa solemnis in C minor, K. 139

Franz Schubert
Mass in E flat major, D 950

Claudio Abbado
Orchestra Mozart
Arnold Schoenberg Choir

A “touching and magnificent reunion” (Der Standard). The public and press enthusiastically celebrated the long-awaited return of Claudio Abbado to the Salzburg Festival in 2012. The conductor brought with him Mozart’s youthful Mass K. 139, the so-called Waisenhausmesse, and Schubert’s late Mass in E flat major.

In a fascinating way, Abbado succeeded in merging the singers and instrumentalists into a total collaborative effort: “Seldom has one heard such a perfect balance between choir, orchestra, and vocal soloists; one has also seldom heard such a beautifully coordinated and perfectly balanced vocal ensemble” (Salzburger Nachrichten).

Rachel Harnisch (Soprano)
Roberta Invernizzi (Soprano)
Sara Mingardo (Alto)
Javier Camarena (Tenor)
Paolo Fanale (Tenor)
Alex Esposito (Bass)


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