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J. S. Bach: St. Matthew Passion – St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig

Johann Sebastian Bach: St. Matthew Passion BWV 244

St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig
Gewandhausorchester Leipzig
Georg Christoph Biller

Christina Landshamer (Soprano)
Stefan Kahle
Wolfram Lattke
Martin Lattke
Klaus Mertens
Gotthold Schwarz

The renowned St. Thomas Boys Choir of Leipzig, which boasts J. S. Bach as a former cantor, celebrates its 800th anniversary with an extraordinary interpretation of the St. Matthew Passion. The Guardian praised how “the harmonic lines interwove with a transcendence that can only be achieved through living, eating and working together”. This Accentus Music production is the only audio-visual release of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, performed by the choir for which it was written, in St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, where the composer worked and is buried.

 “Billers direction exudes profound integrity and commitment, the chorales in particular shaped by a deeply-felt inevitability, and the ethereal alto purity of recent Thomasschule graduate Stefan Kahle is deeply moving alongside the noble Christus of veteran Klaus Mertens and Christina Landshamer’s radiant sopran [..] a moving testament to a choir celebrating 800 years…”BBC Music Magazine


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Subtitles:German, French, English, Korean
Disc Formats:,
Number of Discs:2 (DVD), 1 (Blu-ray)
Picture Formats DVD:16:9 NTSC
Picture Formats BD:FULL HD
Sound Formats DVD:PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1
Sound Formats BD:PCM Stereo, DTS HD Master Audio
Running time:163:58 min
Catalogue Numbers:ACC20256 (DVD), ACC10256 (Blu-ray)
Release Dates:09/2012 (Worldwide)
EAN Code DVD:42 6023483 027 9
EAN Code BD:42 6023483 028 6