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Tango – Café de los Maestros & friends

Recorded live at “El Palacio” in Buenos Aires

Café de los Maestros, Juan Carlos Godoy
Rodolfo Mederos, Teresa Parodi & Fernando Suárez Paz,
Otros Aires, Gustavo Mozzi

In the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s, the fabled ballroom “El Palacio” in Buenos Aires was home to the day’s legendary tango dancers and musicians, and even today it remains a meeting place for stars of the Argentine tango scene. The great Rodolfo Mederos, the incomparable Juan Carlos Godoy, as well as Astor Piazzolla’s musical partners Teresa Parodi and Fernando Suárez Paz all here take part in this electrifying “Fiesta del Tango”, while on the dance floor celebrated couples present consummate tango performances. This uncommon experience in an authentic atmosphere tells many stories of the tango – stories of longing, passion, and melancholy. (more…)