Die Thomaner – A Year in the Life of the St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig

In March 2012 the St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig celebrates its 800th anniversary – promptly for this unique centenary anniversary the choir appears in a full-length documentary film on the big screen for the first time. Through their personal stories, a sensitive portrayal of the St. Thomas Boys emerges, which raises questions about the fascination of the traditional ensemble.

In about 800 years – an unbelievable period of time – the choir outlasted all ups and downs of European history, maintaining its unbroken traditions over the centuries and holding onto established and proven principles such as the inclusion of the elder boys in the education of the younger ones. It is not surprising that today the chior has admirers all around the world, and in the truest sense of the word is “world-famous”, and that the boys on tours in America, Japan and Australia are celebrated like rock stars.

The St. Thomas Boys Choir and their choirmaster Georg Christoph Biller are being accompanied over a period of one year. The audience will be immersed in a world between motet, boarding school and football pitch, into a life that is distinguished by success and pressure to perform, doubts and pride, homesickness and genuine friendship.

Title (german):Die Thomaner - Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben
Year of production:2010-12
Duration:113:00 / 88:00
Picture Formats:FULL HD
Sound Formats:Dolby Digital 5.1
Co-Production Company:MDR
Associated Production Company:Arte, NHK
Producer:Maria Stodtmeier
Distribution TV:C Major Entertainment
Director:Paul Smaczny & Günter Atteln
Director of Photography:Michael Boomers
Camera:Michael Boomers, Christian Schulz
Editor:Steffen Herrmann
Sound Engineer:Toine Mertens, Andreas Köppen