John Cage – Journeys in Sound

A Zen master or an expert on chance? A specialist in mushrooms or a per­formance artist? The inventor of new sounds or a cook? An author or an anarchist? John Cage was all of these things.

On the occasion of his centenary in fall 2012, this documentary by Oscar-winner Allan Miller and Emmy-winner Paul Smaczny pays tribute to the most fascinating American avant-garde composer John Cage. Shot in America, Germany and Japan, the program premieres rare archival footage; presenting concert excerpts and a set of short episodes, featuring associates of Cage and contemporary artists, playfully delineating different aspects of John Cage.

The documentary features interviews with Yoko Ono, David Tudor, Christian Wolff, Steffen Schleiermacher, Irvine Arditti, Toshio Hosokawa, Mayumi Miyata, Calvin Tomkins and many others.


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Year of production:2012
Recording location:Stony Point, New York; Akademie der Künste, Berlin; Halberstadt; Rôanji Kyoto, Japan and others
Awards:Golden Prague 2012, ICMA, Echo Klassik
Production company:
Co-Production Company:WDR
Associated Production Company:Arte
Distribution TV:C Major Entertainment
Director:Allan Miller & Paul Smaczny