Tango Buenos Aires – Café de los Maestros & Friends

The most renowned stars of the Argentinean tango scene performed in and at the same time celebrated the centenary of the famous ballroom “El Palacio” in Buenos Aires.

It was there that tango legend Carlos Gardel accomplished his greatest successes in the twenties and thirties of the last century. The tango show features “Otros Aires”, “Café de los Maestros”, Teresa Parodi, former lead singer of the Astor Piazzolla Band, and Rodolfo Mederos. The artists are accompanied with the finest dancing stars such as the famous dance duo “Eduardo y Gloria”.

Café de los Maestros, Juan Carlos Godoy
Rodolfo Mederos, Teresa Parodi & Fernando Suárez Paz,
Otros Aires, Gustavo Mozzi

Astor Piazzolla 
Verano porteño
Jacinto Chiclana

Carlos Gardel
Por una cabeza

Pedro Maffia

Pedro Laurenz
Milonga de mis amores

Miguel de Genova
Tristeza de Arrabal

and many more

Year of production:2011
Recording Date:31 December 2011
Recording location:“El Palacio” in Buenos Aires
Production company:
Co-Production Company:ZDF
Associated Production Company:Arte
Distribution TV:C Major Entertainment
Director:Axel Ludewig