Bach’s St. Matthew Passion – The new recording now available on CD

“The St. Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach is one of
the greatest works in the history of music. Whenever I study this
epochal composition, I always ask myself the question: How can
a work of music, which is performed each year in thousands of
performances, has been scientifically and artistically interpreted
for decades, and worshiped for centuries, remain a new,
contemporary, and at the same time universal and supreme idea?
It can be achieved if that which is defined as established and
comprehensive, and appears or is accepted as unshakeable, is
set in motion without capping the connections to the work itself
and its musical- historical, intellectual and theological
foundations.” says Hans-Christoph Rademann about one of the
monumental sacred works of music history.
In November 2020, Rademann and the Gaechinger Cantorey
ensemble and chorus, together with an extraordinary group of
soloists, set out to lend a new and fresh perspective to Bach’s
timeless masterpiece of raging choirs, intimate chorales, and
emotionally charged arias, which, with its drama and pictorial
quality, allows the listener to experience the well-known Passion
story again and again as something completely new and

The new recording with Rademann and the Gaechinger Cantorey is now available worldwide on CD and across all digital platforms:

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
St. Matthew Passion
BWV 244

Gaechinger Cantorey
Hans-Christoph Rademann
Isabel Schicketanz, soprano
Marie Henriette Reinhold, alto
Patrick Grahl, tenor (Evangelist)
Benedikt Kristjánsson, tenor
Peter Harvey, bass (Vox Christi)
Krešimir Stražanac, bass

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