Werther-DVD receives the Diapason D’Or Arte

Accentus Music’s Werther-DVD with Juan Diego Flórez in the leading role at the Zurich Opera House has been awarded with the Diapason D’Or Arte. Emmanuel Dupuy, editor-in-chief of Diapason magazine, writes (excerpt):

In Zurich, Tatjana Gürbaca offers a more personal reading, perhaps with a superior suggestive force. It takes place in the beautiful scenery designed by Klaus Grünberg; wooden boxes aligned to the vanishing point, pierced with multiple openings making the characters appear where we do not expect them. The costumes situate the action in the cramped society of the 1950s; something hitchcockian oozes from its dreamy closets, its ominous shadows, its skewed looks and from a very physical acting. If Gürbaca shows us the anti-hero as an immature character, it is because Flórez throws himself into the incarnation […] with a natural poet look, an art of unparalleled halftone, [and] a clear, crystal-like diction.

For more information about the DVD/Blu-ray, click here.


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