The Lost Paradise – Arvo Pärt, Robert Wilson

A Documentary by Günter Atteln

He is the most performed contemporary composer in the world. And yet he rarely ventures out in public, prefers to keep quiet about his music, feels at home in the forests of Estonia and generates therewith – perhaps involuntarily – the impression of a recluse, which is attributed to him again and again: Arvo Pärt. In The Lost Paradise, we follow him over a period of one year in his native Estonia, to Japan and the Vatican. The documentary is framed by the stage production of Adam’s Passion, a music theater piece based on the Biblical story of the fall of Adam featuring three key works by Arvo Pärt. The world-renowned director Robert Wilson has brought this work to the stage in a former submarine factory in Tallinn. Tracing their creative process, the film offers rare and personal insights into the worlds of two of the most fascinating personalities in the international arts and music scene.

Read more about the Accentus Music release  “Adam’s Passion – Arvo Pärt, Robert Wilson” to be available on DVD/Blu-ray worldwide in September/October 2015.


“Mercifully, and unusually these days, director Günter Atteln’s approach is cool, focused and un-tricksy, illuminating the subject without pointless and mannered stylistic distractions.”   BBC Music Magazine



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Subtitles:German, French, English, Korean, Japanese
Disc Formats:
Number of Discs:1 (DVD)
Picture Formats DVD:16:9 NTSC
Sound Formats DVD:PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1
Running time:55: 33 min
Catalogue Numbers:ACC20321 (DVD)
Release Dates:09/2015 (DVD, Worldwide)
EAN Code DVD:4260234831023